March 23, 2011

Top Reader Posts - March 23

Here are this weeks links. I hope you enjoy them.

Sorry there was no Recipe Report on Monday. I was a busy bee working on Jabba's present. She told me on my birthday that she wanted all the recipes from my blog. She said I could just print them all out and it didn't have to be anything special. Yeah right. Like I could do that. I knew I would have to go to each Google Doc, copy the recipe, paste it into Word then format them. I would also have to put them into sections (Desserts, Breads, etc.). HAVE to because that is the way I do things.

I knew what a time consuming task it was going to be so I did the smart thing. Yes, correct, I waited until one week before her birthday to start. (For those who may not know, my birthday was in January. Yes, I procrastinated for two months.) So, I finally finished that up on Monday including an index, double checked everything yesterday, and it is now ready for her enjoyment today.

I will write up a Recipe Report and post it tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks for including my Shabby Knobs Makeover in your link list!