February 14, 2012

A Small Apology

I feel I need to apologize a little for going from no "wordy" posts to wordy posts all about me and my weight. To be more accurate. . . I am not apologizing for writing about my weight. I am apologizing for the *BAM*-in-your-face-all-weight-all-the-time direction I am currently going.

Sure it is my blog but it is such a detour from the norm that I don't want anyone to think I will never return to what I use to write about. I want it to be known that it will not be this way forever; just for seven or eight weeks.

Since the WLB team would like me to write at least three posts per week on my WLB blog, weight and weight loss related posts are what I will be writing. Three posts per week is a big change for me. Keeping in mind that prior to last week I wrote (using the term loosely) one post per week, expecting myself to write three WLB blog posts, the Top Reader Posts, plus additional Sparky posts is a HUGE stretch. I know better than to set myself up for such failure. . . okay, I usually know better.

That being said. I hope to sneak in some recipes with the WLB blog posts. The biggest change you will see is that recipes posted from this point forward will have nutrition information at the bottom. Some of my recipe sources have the nutrition information for the recipes. For those sources that do not have nutrition information I use the New Recipe feature on Calorie Count to analyze the recipe. (I can write a more detailed post about Calorie Count later if anyone is interested.)

I am excited for what is to come and I hope you will bear with me and the weight posts. Thanks!

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  1. As always, I wish you the best of luck in your ventures...