February 16, 2012

Top Reader Posts - February 15

Yeah. . . so I did it again. I had such high hopes of getting this posted on time. Then I didn't. I could make excuses but we will leave it at, it just didn't happen. Enjoy the links!

Clothing & Accessories Links:

Decor Links:

Miscellaneous Links:

Health Links:
  • The Key to Changing Your Diet for Good
  • Couch to 5K (I started this last fall. I didn't finish and I am okay with that. I just couldn't love running at that moment in time. I especially hated shin splints. I did love the workout. Not sure that is a love/hate relationship I can endure. Even with my dislike for running, the idea behind this is great and I was on my to being able to run a 5K....I made it to running eight minutes. I am good with that for now.)
  • Mini-Contest on Win, Lose, or Blog (I had to put a plug in for this. It was a great motivator last season. It is easy to do. No one ever has to know your real weight you just post your change in weight from the previous week. You can read more about it by following the link. I hope you will join.)

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