February 17, 2012

WLB - Week 1 - Post 2 (The Story of My Fat)

Originally posted on my Win, Lose, or Blog blog when I was a Win, Lose, or Blog season seven contestant.

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I previously mentioned that my weight has been a bit of a problem for 15 years. I originally started writing this post with pretty specific details of my life and fat starting after high school and then realized. . . who really cares? I mean depending on how I approach the story it could be taken as my wanting your sympathy or as me making excuses and neither of those is what I want.

The fact is I gained weight (also read I became fat). I sometimes lost it. I am not saying I have been on a steady stream of yo-yo dieting for the past 15 years. I just happened that every three or four years I would get the bug and I would lose some weight. I can remember each of my diligent attempts and the outcome.

One time I used Metabolife--that worked so well someone thought I was on speed and told my friend to check my teeth.

One time I tried a diet a friend recommended. That worked but I was always hungry. A similar thing happened when I tried Weight Watchers and the OLD Points system. In addition to the hunger, the distance I had to drive to stand on the scale lost the appeal when my WW buddy quit going.

Just to keep it real we will throw in the time that my husband got to see me at my skinniest. I was pregnant and had all day sickness from hell. It did end, for the most part, my third trimester and I gained weight like a champ (or two).

A few years ago I joined Curves. That worked but then my schedule changed and I didn't have the interest to try to fit it in.

As you might have noticed, most of the above have to do with eating. The main reason for this is my dislike for sweating. I especially hate it when paired with going to work after working out. That dislike cut out walking to work (when I could) or exercising during lunch.

That changed mid-September of last year. A coworker/friend of mine, K2T2**, encouraged me to start working out with her during lunch. She helped me overcome my issues with sweating and then going back to work. Want to know what she did? She told me about these fancy things called showers. (Yes, I shower at home and on a regular basis at that.) The thing I hadn't realized is that there were showers available for my use after working out.

In addition to the fancy showers (they aren't really fancy), my employer provides an employee wellness center that is equipped with treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bikes, free weights, other weight machines I don't know the name of, etc. I had heard of the wellness center but I had never even stepped inside. Now I am a regular.

One of the contributing factors to giving the wellness center a try was the treadmills. I had started Couch to 5K outside but I wasn't liking what pounding the pavement was doing to my knees and shins so I really wanted to see if it was any better on a treadmill. It was slightly better but I didn't finish the entire program and I am okay with that. I just couldn't love running at that moment in time. I especially hated shin splints. I did love the workout. Not sure that is a love/hate relationship I can endure. Even with my dislike for running, the idea behind this is great and I was on my to being able to run a 5K....I made it to running eight minutes. I am good with that for now.

I try to make it to the employee wellness center three times per week. I had been doing thirty minutes of cardio with a mix of treadmill, elliptical, and bike. Recently I cut the cardio down to 20 minutes and started doing calisthenics (lunges, plank moves, squats, etc.) and I like the extra variety those things incorporate.

This is a long post so I am going to end for now. Next time I will tell you what else I have been doing and why this time. . .

**Sorry for the nicknames but I have try to minimize identifying information due to my husband having a disgruntled former employee stalker)

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